My new home

Finally, I’ve found a nice home for my blog.  I hope to post every Monday about the many things that interest me.  I’m a very curious person and to say the least I can barely manage to remain interested in one thing at a time.

What has been plaguing my mind?… you shouldn’t have asked, but I guess you didn’t but that wont stop me from telling you.

The list is as follows:

Crochet (which I love), cooking (which I want to love), hair (I love mine… seriously, I do.), being healthy (trying), losing weight, making friends, eating (’cause who doesn’t like that), poetry (some times, not often), love for all things chocolate! (I’m a girl, what can I say?), shoes (I really even surprised myself on that one), dresses and making my own dresses, orchids (they are the best!), trees (I have to resist the urge to hug the trees in my block, they are beautiful), electronics (Ha!), friends that I love lots.

I’m sure I have many others things that plague my mind but at the current time I can’t think of them because its 12:52pm and I’m way past my bedtime, which is 10:00pm.

My first post will be on Monday June 28, 2010 and it will be about food! Yay.

See ya on Monday


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