What does the future hold?

You won’t find out by looking at the stars.   But on the night of August 12 to the morning of August 13 you will be able to see a magnificent meteor shower.  It’s called Perseids.  This year it should have its peak from 8/12 to 8/13.  During the peak of the shower it is possible to see 60 to 100 meteors per hour!

The best time to view the shower is after midnight.  For those two days the waxing crescent moon will have already set by midnight.  That will make it ideal to view the shower. 

This will be the first meteor shower I will see.  I will be way up north of the city, where there will be little light to bother us.  For those of you who will be in the city, I suggest going to the top of the Empire State building.  You should do so at the peak of the shower because although you may not be able to see the smaller meteors, due to light pollution, you can still enjoy the bigger rocks that will fall.

So this Thursday night keep your eye on the northeastern sky and watch one of the most spectacular meteor showers!


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