Being Held Down By The Man!

 “What man?” some of you may be asking.  Simple, just pick any of the man featured on the bills.  Even George Washington is mocking me although he is only worth $1 per bill.  In any case creativity is going to have to get along with accounting since I’m going to be on a budget. ugh!  I’ve decided that I am allowed to spend 1 Ulysses S. Grant ($50) a month for hobbies.  That includes deserts as well folks, so you will not be tasting them as often.

Any hobby taken seriously is very expensive.  I really can’t say how much I spent on cake decorating.  I had to pay for the classes, materials, and lots of frivolous things that I thought might look “cute” on my cake.  Then there was playing the clarinet.  Needless to say I had to buy the clarinet, which I still have and plan to practice; seriously, I do! Then I had clarinet lessons when I could afford them.  Crochet! ha! I have a bunch of yarn and that didn’t pay for itself.  Most of the pieces I made were with very good material because they were for gifts.  Anyone that crochets and wants to use natural yarns knows that ain’t cheap!  Let’s not even talk about making my own concoctions of lotions and soaps and hair recipes.  That’s a lot of money as well.

For the month of September I’ve already overspent.  October will be a clean slate and I’m already thinking of what can I spend my $50 on.  Dessert? Food? Crochet? Maybe I can save them over a period of time to take sculpting classes or glass blowing classes or cooking or sewing or painting or… well you get the point.  I need to get myself better situated about that.

Keep yourselves liberated from the man!


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