The End of an Obsession and the Beginning of a New One.

Obsession is a persistent preoccupation, idea, or feeling.  In my case it was the idea part of it.  My brother proposed to his fiancé over the weekend.  It was going to be a pretty busy weekend to say the least.  He proposed on Saturday and were decided to have a family dinner to introduce her to rest of the family and I was asked to make dessert.  Then on Sunday we were going to have friends over, for which I was asked to make dessert as well. 

My obsession at the time was with that apple spiced cake.  But I thought that I should make something that my brother’s girlfriend would like.  I was told that she loved chocolate so I made a chocolate fudge cake covered with ganache. 

The recipe for the cake is from Toba Garrett’s, The Well-Decorated Cake.  Making thee batter was easy enough, but they were delicate after they were cooked.  Both of them broke.   The only thing that held them together was the ganache which hardens when cold. 

The chocolate ganache recipe came from a book I own from a bakery I used to work for in Manhattan.  Bruce’s bakery.  They have very yummy treats.  This was my first time making ganache.  It is amazingly simple.  It only has three ingredients; semisweet chocolate, heavy cream and sugar. 

Pretty batter right? I filled the pans with too much batter.  I was holding my breath the whole time. 

All dress up with ganache. 


How did the cake do on Saturday?  Not too well.  I sadly have to report that most of the people didn’t like it.  The main complaint: too much chocolate!  How can anyone complain about too much chocolate?  I’m not even going to get into that. 

The chocolate fudge cake is not the new obsession, if that is what you thought. 

For Sunday I decided to make something more my speed.  I took the recipe of a Chocolate Melt-Away Coffee Cake and decided to make it into a layer cake and cover it with coffee buttercream.  It was a drier cake but inside the cake was filled with pieces of chocolate, pecans and light brown sugar.  It was delicious or at least I thought so.  I didn’t take pictures of it before I cut it.  Here is the picture of one slice. 



It doesn’t look great there but it was really good.   Good enough that people didn’t even miss the ice cream. 

Ever since I ate a slice of this cake, all I want to do is eat more of it.  I’m saving a slice for a friend, I’m just not quite sure if it will make it to her. 

And there it is my new obsession.  I will most likely make this cake again… soon, very soon. 

Keep it slim , Jim


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