Childhood Memmories

How do I start?  Today I was thinking about how much I’ve changed over the years.  That thought sent through memory lane.  I must have been nine or ten years-old.  My aunt Suze came to visit us in Venezuela all the way from the United States.  She gave me a $1 bill.  I showed my dad my dollar as though I had just gotten a load of money.

Then a more serious conversation ensued in their native language, Kreyòl.  It must have been really serious but I couldn’t understand it all.  I did understand a few words.  They were going out!  And I loved that idea.  I ran to my room, got dress quietly and quickly.  Carefully I made my way to my dad’s green car in the driveway.  Got in the backseat and hid there.

My dad and my aunt got in the car and got on their way, still speaking in Kreyòl.  I thought that whatever it was must have been serious since they couldn’t speak in the house.  Later on I would learn that they couldn’t talk in the house because they had a nosy child, me.  While in the back of the car, I calculated enough time for my dad to drive a long enough distance that he would be annoyed to have to turn back to drop me off (the plotting never ends!)

When I thought I had the right time I popped out from the back (while my dad is driving) and said “¿A donde vamos?”  They were both startled.  My aunt had an amazed expression on her face.  As the little insolent child I probably was I said “¿Podemos ir a comer a Burger Master?”

The next thing I remember was sitting at my favorite restaurant eating my fried chicken and french fries as my dad and my aunt handled their grown-up business.  I brought up the memory to my dad and he immediately remembered and chuckled.

Right now I’m not much of a going out person but my mom says that I was always paying attention to know when I can just dash to my room and get changed to go out.  One thing that hasn’t changed is my curiosity!

If you have a childhood memory you want to share… please do!

Keep yourselves young at heart 😉


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Flora Previl
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 22:11:24


    I’m replying to the request to share a childhood memory. I don’t really remember a lot about my childhood (I guess I had bad memory since childhood). I do remember Dad’s green card. We had that car forever (it seemed that way when you are 6yrs old ) Anyway, one day mom told us the greatest news: my dad was painting the care. He didn’t tell mom what color he was going to pick, but we were all excited.

    Well, when my Dad was driving up the hill to our home (we know the sounds of the engine) we rushed to see what was the new color. Hold and Behold after the dust settled the car was….aqua green. lol I ‘ve never seem mom so disappointed. I was not emotionally attached to the color of the car, so I don’t remember what I felt. Uhm…well that’s one childhood memory. There. I contributed.


  2. Christy
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 13:59:59

    lol following those lines,

    I have alot of childhood memories, I remember them like they are stored away like VCRs. One mischievous memory, we were visiting my 80 yr old grandma in ecuador,I was about 4.5, I wanted to play hide and seek, but noone else wanted to, I figured if I started they’d catch on. So I looked for where I could wait, I hid under the tablecloth in the dining room and so they couldn’t see my feet I lied down on the chairs that were pushed under the table.
    Well turns out the reason my parents brought me there is for grandma to baby sit while they went out. I got tired of waiting and fell asleep.
    …Mean time grandma got really scared when she couldn’t find me, doc was called for her nerves, uncles were looking for me on the street, and i woke up thinking where is everyone, finally found a cousin and since I was tired of playing said , “there you found me”.


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