Grown Up Temper Tantrums

“There is no such thing” you might think.  But even I am prone to those.  Actually, I just calmed myself down from one of them to be perfectly honest.  I will share with you the reason of my temper tantrum today and how you could have a temper tantrum in a productive way.

The place, work.  The time, 11:30am.  The feeling, sheer happiness at the fact that I just ordered my lunch and will get to eat it in about 30 min.  12:00pm comes and goes and now I am staring down at 12:30 with a growling stomach an unfocused mind and rage nearly bursting out of my ears.  At 12:39 I’ve had enough, I will complain and the world will hear me.  I draft the following email:

“I have a complaint to make.  I find it a bit sad and insulting that on your website you ask me to specify the time frame in which I would like my meal to be delivered and not have it delivered on that time frame.  Then I call the hale and hearty from where I ordered my meal, as instructed, and spoke to someone who told me that the website states that the time frame for delivery is an hour.  I suppose that hale and hearty employees think that customers are not bright enough to go back and check the website.  Newsflash: We are smart enough!.  I will be sincere, I hate ordering from your website. The majority of the time my meal arrives later than stated on the website.

I’m sorry that this email is so harsh, but you see, I’m still hungry. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Because I have yet to receive my meal!!!


Hungry costumer.”

Why the temper tantrum? Because I was hungry and dieting and you better believe that when I want to eat my lunch 12:00pm, I will be eating my lunch at said time.  I know you are thinking I’m not over the issue, but I assure you, I am just fine.  I received my lunch at 12:39.  Not happy about that at all.  But right now I’m not hungry anymore so I feel much better.

How to deal with the feeling of throwing a tantrum? Take action.  Zero in on what is bothering you and do something about it.  Coworker in the next cubicle gets on your nerves?  Find a straw take a piece of tissue and a generous amount of your saliva… I don’t need to tell you what to do next, do I?

Keep yourself satisfied (food wise anyways)


I’m a big girl now

According to my mother I was a difficult child when it came down to food.  I don’t doubt it at all.  I remember an instance way back in the day.  I must have been 8 or 9 years-old.  My mother made soup, which I hated with a passion.  She poured me a bowl and sat me at the table and said, “drink it all”.  I, of course defiant as ever, thought “yo no quiero sopa!” which I dared not express.  My mother gave me another warning, and this one seem harsher, “You can’t eat anything else unless you drink all the soup”.  It was lunch time so I would definitely need to eat it to survive the rest of the day.  Can you guess what I did?  That’s right, I didn’t eat the soup and I didn’t eat for the rest of the day!  The next day my mother let me eat whatever I wanted; she must have known that I would go down fighting for my anti-soup cause.

Now as an “adult”, I use that term loosely since I still enjoy naps!, I’ve started thinking about my health and how important it is for me to take care of my body.  According to the many articles and books I’ve read, whatever I eat will affect my mood, performance, skin and let’s not forget, waistline! After analyzing the way I eat, I know that most of the things I consume are processed foods full of corn syrup and with very little natural ingredients.  Most of the snacks are also processed.  I barely eat fruits and I certainly don’t exercise.  I’m surprise that I am not falling apart at the seams!

But something amazing happened about a week ago.  My mother made a salad of steamed vegetables.  When I walked to the kitchen and saw it, I reluctantly took the ladle and served myself some vegetables.  I also had salmon on the plate and some rice.  I sat there looking at the vegetables having a hard time not going back in time to that living room in Barquisimeto, Venezuela thinking “y ahora, ¿como le doy esto al perro?”.  I braced myself and told myself “I’m a big girl now, I can eat vegetables.  All the other big kids do it.”  I started with the steamed carrots and I was surprised that my face didn’t do the wrinkly thing it does when I eat something I don’t like.  I moved to the broccoli and that wasn’t too bad either.  And there I was, sitting in the living room, like the big girl I am, eating my vegetables!

Now I’m certain that my future will be brighter.  Who knows, one day I will be eating zucchini, eggplant (that I can actually see, my mom can be crafty), brussels sprouts, collard greens, squash, artichokes, asparagus and turnips.  Maybe I won’t mind seeing bell peppers in my food.  I will look onions in the eye… sort of speak… and eat them instead of putting them to the side.  My body will finally be nourished the way it is supposed to, with vegetables and fruits instead of vitamin pills.  Maybe, just maybe I will eat more fruits than just apples, grapes, bananas and cake. 😉

Keep yourself healthy.