Childhood Memmories

How do I start?  Today I was thinking about how much I’ve changed over the years.  That thought sent through memory lane.  I must have been nine or ten years-old.  My aunt Suze came to visit us in Venezuela all the way from the United States.  She gave me a $1 bill.  I showed my dad my dollar as though I had just gotten a load of money.

Then a more serious conversation ensued in their native language, Kreyòl.  It must have been really serious but I couldn’t understand it all.  I did understand a few words.  They were going out!  And I loved that idea.  I ran to my room, got dress quietly and quickly.  Carefully I made my way to my dad’s green car in the driveway.  Got in the backseat and hid there.

My dad and my aunt got in the car and got on their way, still speaking in Kreyòl.  I thought that whatever it was must have been serious since they couldn’t speak in the house.  Later on I would learn that they couldn’t talk in the house because they had a nosy child, me.  While in the back of the car, I calculated enough time for my dad to drive a long enough distance that he would be annoyed to have to turn back to drop me off (the plotting never ends!)

When I thought I had the right time I popped out from the back (while my dad is driving) and said “¿A donde vamos?”  They were both startled.  My aunt had an amazed expression on her face.  As the little insolent child I probably was I said “¿Podemos ir a comer a Burger Master?”

The next thing I remember was sitting at my favorite restaurant eating my fried chicken and french fries as my dad and my aunt handled their grown-up business.  I brought up the memory to my dad and he immediately remembered and chuckled.

Right now I’m not much of a going out person but my mom says that I was always paying attention to know when I can just dash to my room and get changed to go out.  One thing that hasn’t changed is my curiosity!

If you have a childhood memory you want to share… please do!

Keep yourselves young at heart 😉



It seems that I’ve dropped everything.  I don’t know exactly what is going on.  I’ve been very distracted.  My brother is getting married in the summer and a friend is getting married in the spring and my cousin just got engaged and who knows when that wedding will be.  I guess my mind hasn’t been focused on the things that I like.  But I do have a long list of things that I would like to do.

I want to get back to my clarinet practice.  I’ve even purchased a music stand. (Sorry for the noise that is to come Flora)

I want to bake a wedding cake.  Not a mini like I’ve done before.  This one will be a real size wedding cake.  I guess I will have a dessert party to go with it; can’t eat all that cake on my own.

I want to crochet a jacket.  I should say that I want to finish crocheting the one jacket I already started.

I want to work out regularly.

I want to become a beauty know-it-all :).

I want to become a hair know-it-all.

I want to get into photography.  This will not be happening anytime soon because it would be way over the budget.  Darn you Ulysses S. Grant!

I’m interested in serving a 21 course meal.  (I’m thinking in the spring).

I want to be a fixture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I haven’t been there in a long time.

I want to sew a beautiful dress that I will rock with a super nice afro. LOL.

I want to plan and execute an Eastern US road trip.

I want to take over the world.

I have to make myself a very tight schedule to be able to reach all these goals.  I think all of them a within reach.  The last one will take a lot more work but I think I can do it.

 Keep yourselves overachieving.


As winter approaches skin needs more care.  According to Janice Cox, “cheeks, arms, and legs have almost no sebaceous oil glands and are therefore drier in winter months”.  My skin in particular is dry so I decided over the weekend to make a body butter.  Body butter are much thicker and moisturize better.     

Below is how you can make your own body butter.     


2 oz     Shea Butter     

2 oz     Cocoa Butter     

2 oz     Jojoba Oil     

1. Melt the oils with a double boiler method.     

Oils Melting


 2.  Whip the oils until they cool down a bit.  Now you can add whatever essential oils you would like.  I used Lavender, Neroli & Frankincense.     

Whipping Oils


 3. Refrigerate for a couple of minutes and whip some more!     

More Whipping


4. Refrigerate again and whip again.     


Make sure to scrape the bottom of the bowl for any oil stuck at the bottom.  Once you are all finished, you will have a nice and smooth butter.  Be aware that if the temperature is on the cold side you will have a hard body butter.  If the temperature is on the warm side the texture will be softer.     

Finished Body Butter

The body butter should be applied to damp skin.  It will melt into your skin as soon as it gets in contact with it.  If you want a more chocolate smell change the recipe to have a higher cocoa butter consentration than shea butter.     

Keep yourselves beautiful


Being Held Down By The Man!

 “What man?” some of you may be asking.  Simple, just pick any of the man featured on the bills.  Even George Washington is mocking me although he is only worth $1 per bill.  In any case creativity is going to have to get along with accounting since I’m going to be on a budget. ugh!  I’ve decided that I am allowed to spend 1 Ulysses S. Grant ($50) a month for hobbies.  That includes deserts as well folks, so you will not be tasting them as often.

Any hobby taken seriously is very expensive.  I really can’t say how much I spent on cake decorating.  I had to pay for the classes, materials, and lots of frivolous things that I thought might look “cute” on my cake.  Then there was playing the clarinet.  Needless to say I had to buy the clarinet, which I still have and plan to practice; seriously, I do! Then I had clarinet lessons when I could afford them.  Crochet! ha! I have a bunch of yarn and that didn’t pay for itself.  Most of the pieces I made were with very good material because they were for gifts.  Anyone that crochets and wants to use natural yarns knows that ain’t cheap!  Let’s not even talk about making my own concoctions of lotions and soaps and hair recipes.  That’s a lot of money as well.

For the month of September I’ve already overspent.  October will be a clean slate and I’m already thinking of what can I spend my $50 on.  Dessert? Food? Crochet? Maybe I can save them over a period of time to take sculpting classes or glass blowing classes or cooking or sewing or painting or… well you get the point.  I need to get myself better situated about that.

Keep yourselves liberated from the man!

What does the future hold?

You won’t find out by looking at the stars.   But on the night of August 12 to the morning of August 13 you will be able to see a magnificent meteor shower.  It’s called Perseids.  This year it should have its peak from 8/12 to 8/13.  During the peak of the shower it is possible to see 60 to 100 meteors per hour!

The best time to view the shower is after midnight.  For those two days the waxing crescent moon will have already set by midnight.  That will make it ideal to view the shower. 

This will be the first meteor shower I will see.  I will be way up north of the city, where there will be little light to bother us.  For those of you who will be in the city, I suggest going to the top of the Empire State building.  You should do so at the peak of the shower because although you may not be able to see the smaller meteors, due to light pollution, you can still enjoy the bigger rocks that will fall.

So this Thursday night keep your eye on the northeastern sky and watch one of the most spectacular meteor showers!

My new home

Finally, I’ve found a nice home for my blog.  I hope to post every Monday about the many things that interest me.  I’m a very curious person and to say the least I can barely manage to remain interested in one thing at a time.

What has been plaguing my mind?… you shouldn’t have asked, but I guess you didn’t but that wont stop me from telling you.

The list is as follows:

Crochet (which I love), cooking (which I want to love), hair (I love mine… seriously, I do.), being healthy (trying), losing weight, making friends, eating (’cause who doesn’t like that), poetry (some times, not often), love for all things chocolate! (I’m a girl, what can I say?), shoes (I really even surprised myself on that one), dresses and making my own dresses, orchids (they are the best!), trees (I have to resist the urge to hug the trees in my block, they are beautiful), electronics (Ha!), friends that I love lots.

I’m sure I have many others things that plague my mind but at the current time I can’t think of them because its 12:52pm and I’m way past my bedtime, which is 10:00pm.

My first post will be on Monday June 28, 2010 and it will be about food! Yay.

See ya on Monday